Zipnosis' CEO has a hunch there's a consumer market for their B2B service. Infallible is hired to validate his gut, build a business case, and present a market test to his board for investment.

Situational Intelligence

We research active demand across multiple health conditions and find a B2C SaaS opportunity exists for B2B telemedicine platform Zipnosis.

Competitive Intelligence

Our research reveals a weak, compromised competitive set leaving open multiple opportunities for Zipnosis to win in B2C.

User Experience Prototype

Our recommendation: target consumers when and where they seek information to self-diagnose, build a strong visual brand to stand out from competitive clutter, deliver a frictionless customer intake experience, and adopt an easy-to-engage consumer-pricing model.

Proof of Concept Plan

Infallible proposes a market test targeting four states with the greatest demand for Skin Health.


The plan is approved by the Zipnosis board. One week later, COVID-19 begins and their B2B telemedicine business is overrun with demand from health systems. Zipnosis grows with the pandemic and is acquired in 2021. The B2C plan is never executed.