Successful in the pandemic, Wellbeats' board looks to the future. Infallible is hired to identify their next opportunity, reimagine their fitness business, and prove the pivot.

Situational Intelligence

Our research shows consumer demand shifted from fitness to wellness, driving employers to seek a comprehensive wellness benefit for employees.

Competitive Intelligence

The consumer wellness market is a crowded, highly competitive Red Ocean, but the B2B market is Blue Ocean and wide open for the taking.

Brand Strategy

Wellbeats has been about fitness. We reposition them as virtual wellness bringing health and happiness to employees and their families.

Proof of Concept + Demand Generation

We create and test thought-leadership content with leading HR professionals navigating employee health and wellness during the pandemic.

User Experience

To meet the corporate buyer's expectation of an experience like Peloton and Netflix, Infallible reimagines Wellbeats in a clean, modern UX.


The market expresses interest in the new brand and user experience. The MQL goal is exceeded and the new user experience and brand are put into rapid production for full market release.